India as a country is changing rapidly in the era of liberalization and globalization. Being a developing nation, it needs to have a deep understanding of the impact this phenomenon has on the people and lifestyles in the rural areas. To maintain a harmonious balance of social, economic and environmental concerns, a well-planned approach has to be initiated. This being of prime challenge today, the role of the corporate sector in community development is gaining importance.

India’s corporate sector has always played a vital role by funding socio-economic causes, whereas some companies have even gone further to adopting villages and large projects. However, all these efforts are independent and isolated. These can be better promoted and implemented if efforts are jointly carried out. Joint collective efforts can evolve an integrated and consolidated approach towards rural development, involving participating of the community as well, for better execution.

This concept will help in getting good financial resources as well as managerial expertise from the corporate. The industries get involved in activities beyond their business and at the same time, the community too is drawn in to the process of development and remains responsive and responsible.

About Us

SVADES is a collective endeavour that binds the industry and rural community together towards effective socio-economic development in the rural areas surrounding industry. It is indeed a unique example of unified action in the corporate sector to contribute to the progress of rural community, their development and social upliftment. SVADES is registered under the Societies Act, 1860, as a voluntary Organization set up by the giant public and private sector industries in the Nandesari Area of Vadodara Taluka, in the state of Gujarat, India.

Promoting Industries were:

  • IPCL (Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited) – Reliance Industries Limited
  • IOCL (Gujarat Refinery)
  • GSFC (Gujarat State Fertilizers Company Limited)
  • GACL (Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Limited)
  • GIPCL (Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited)
  • GE Plastics India Limited - (SABIC Innovative plastic (I)
  • Deepak Nitrite Limited
  • Bayer ABS Limited – (Styrolution ABS (India) Limited
  • Ashok organic Limited

Activities carried out for other Industries

  • Transpek Silox Ltd.
  • L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering
  • Navrachana International School
  • Alembic CSR Foundation

SVADES started working in16 Panchayats with a population of around 2 lacs covering 40 villages.

Major Activities at a glance 1995 to 2016

Particular Quantity
Household Sanitary Latrine (HSL) 3870 No.
School Sanitary Latrines (SSL) 42 No.
Fencing / Compound wall 18 No.
Plantation 25,400 No.
2.Infrastructure Development
Road 10,454 Meter
Water Pipeline 11,160 Meter
Sardar Awas Yojana 128 No.
Panchayat Primary School 47 No.
Drinking water Tanks 28 No.
Bal Mahotsav 13 No.
3D Multimedia Education Programme (in schools) 38 Schools
4.WOMEN(Mahila) Empowerment
Mandals 17 No.
Members 1045 No.
Skill Development Programmes
Women Day Celebration
Health Awerness prog.
5.Capicity Building of Youth
Club 25 No.
Members 518 No.
Skill Development Programmes 68

CSR Project for Member Industries

Particular Quantity
HSL (House Hold Sanitary Latrine)
Cleaning of Storm water drain at village Bajwa
Crematorium at village Angadh
Renovation of Crematorium at village Karchiya and Dasrath
Cleaning of Bajwa Pond
1226 Nos.
Aanganwadi Building 03 Nos.
RCC Road Sherkhi 1500 meter
Nawapura 1000 meter
2500 meter
School Room with Water Tank (with R.O system)
Sherkhi Nano bhag 1 Nos.
Sherkhi Moto bhag 2 Nos.
03 Nos.
PHC Primary Health Center (Modernisation and Construction of New Building) - At Ranoli
MH - Maternity Home At Ranoli
02 Nos.
1 Nos.
Gas - Cooker to Aanganwadi 2369 Aanganwadi
Multi Media System 11 Primary Schools
Renovation of 3 Primary Schools ( Installation of RO System with Drinking water tank, Science LAB and renovation of School building at village Koyali)
Multi Media System and Computer at Karodiya Primary School
Eye testing of 5000 children in Govt
Koyali Kanya - 1 & 2 Koyali Kumar
Karodiya School No.1
23 Primary Schools.
Multi Media System at Rajgadh Primary School Rajgadh Primary School
Installation of RO System with drinking water tank at village ANGADH Aai Shree Khodiyar English Medium High School - Angadh


Sanitation & Ecorestoration

Activities concerning Health / hygiene & Sanitation have been a key focus area of SVADES. Under the sanitation programme, construction of HOUSEHOLD SANITARY LATRINE (HSL).

HSL is a global need of today. Nearly 3 billion live without basic sanitation in the world. Six decades after freedom, three-forth of India's population still using 'open space' for defecation. In villages, people are suffering numerous problems related to health, hygiene and sanitation, due to lack of latrine facilities. HSL provides hygienic conditions, avoids health problems especially of women,children and aged people. People can have good standard of living and social status through HSL. It also decreases environmental pollution and gives a clean and hygiene atmosphere. SVADES provide low cost Household Sanitary Latrine and educate them about the clean environment aspect has been one of main focus of SVADES. A Survey was conducted in the villages before 1995 to find out the basic requirement needed by those who are below poverty line. The Survey threw lights on requirement of Household Sanitary latrine. At that time only 2% of the community were having this sort of facility and as such they had to faced lot of problems in travel to distance place for Latrine especially during Monsoons for fear of being beaten by snakes, scorpion etc.

Tree plantation activities have been undertaken and School children are provided environment education as well as training in ecological environment.

Village Infrastructure Development

Major funds of SVADES are directed towards development of infrastructure in the villages, like water supply schemes, construction of roads, and low cost housing facilities. SVADES has laid 10.5 kms of critical link roads interconnecting 13 villages. These roads are a boon to the villages, especially during monsoons most of the villages have none or inadequate sources of water, SVADES has initiated as well as commissioned village level water supply schemes, Apart from constructing underground water tanks and bore wells, SVADES has laid some 11.16kms of pipelines in 8 villages, benefiting over 2200 families, check dams & Recharging Dry wells are the other schemes on the anvil.

School Support Programmes

SVADES covers 47 Government Primary schools with a student population of around 20,000 from standards 1 to 8. Activities like material support, hobby centers, low cost playgrounds and awareness creation through street plays and puppet shows are undertaken for the students.

An Annual Bal - Utsav Event is held where competition is carried out in field of Sports, cultural activities, educational activities like essay writing, good handwriting painting, drawing, clay, best out of west competitions.

SVADES has introduced Multi-Media Education in 38 schools by providing hardware and soft ware and considering its benefits will try to cover other Schools.The Impact study of these schools shows positive feedback from students, teachers and parents.

Women (MAHILA) Empowerment

Women Empowerment progammes: women’s groups were formed in 2001. covering 15 villages having nearly 1000 women are Members of Bachat Mandal. Training has been organized for Self Help Groups (SHG). Products so far manufactured are Brooms, detergent powder, agarbatti, door hanging (Toran), Vermicompost and Candles and few of these have been marketed. On vocational training, tailoring, embroidery and beauty parlour classes have been held and Mahilas have opened their own businesses. Awareness programmes in respect of food and nutrition and Health. Problems of adolescent girls and Awareness programmes on Women Rights. Adult education,Medical camps for women been held. Every year Women’s Day is celebrated by holding sports and cultural events and distribution of Prizes.

Capacity Building of Youth

Capacity building through vocational training is encouraged by SVADES. Youth develop self-confidence and master the skills through training and vocational programmes. Youth clubs(518 members) Carry out Blood donation camps, Shramdan, “First-Aid Programs” where youth from different villages actively participate. Sports events like marathon race, cycle rally, volleyball & Cricket matches are organized on regular basis to enhance team spirit and unity,. They are trained to take leadership role On capacity building of youths, SVADES has carried out training programmes like TV repair, Wiremen Course, fitter, Basic computer, Plumbing, four wheeler driving, two wheeler repair etc. Some youths have been gainfully employed on contract basis by industries, whereas some have opted for self employment.





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